Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I got the below email yesterday. My response follows. Photo taken at Con Thien, by someone else.

I'd like to express my appreciation for your articles and photographs. They first caught my attention last year when I tried to find info on some of the guys from Santa Barbara County, especially Jerry Georges. I went to jr. and senior high school with Jerry. I wonder if you would like to see a couple of pages about Jerry from our 1964 yearbook? He was student body president that year.

On my tour I passed very close to your area on my way to Vandegrift and other places up north. I was with an engineer battalion in III Corps.

Let me know and I will be glad to email the yearbook pages. I think you will find them interesting, especially in light of the kind comments you made about Jerry.

Thank you – yes, I’d like to see those pages about Jerry. Don’t know if you came across what I said about an older friend of mine bringing his close friend to our Bible study group a couple of years ago. The friend was from Santa Barbara and as it turned out, was a leader in (I think I have the organization name right) Young Life. Jerry was involved in that organization and my friend’s friend remembered Jerry with great warmth and respect. In my experience, Jerry was a good guy; I’ve come to realize that had he lived, he probably would have been a great man. What a loss. And here we are on Memorial Day.

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