Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Overall, accelerating

Charles Kemp
I’m thinking about this. My life didn’t really take off until Vietnam, except I did fall in love before then. Vietnam - suddenly real, fast, hard and then the integration years 1967-1972 (Leslie and all). Then undergraduate school and nursing, then graduate school and hospice. Traveling. Our home, our marriage, working together. Teaching, refugees. David! Teaching, writing, refugees, community health, family, and finishing out at Agape, backpacking, traveling these past 5 years. Entering retirement. The point of this entry: all this and pretty much/generally it’s been accelerating or at least going forward all through! God, the energy that’s gone down, slowing these past few years (it’s ok). It’s all just un-____ing-believable! Photo: Christmas morning - 2009

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