Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bread, Hope

Bread I’ve baked in recent months:

Yeasted French (Acme Bread Company recipe from Glezer book)*
Yeasted herb slab (also Acme)
Sourdough,* San Francisco style from Reinhart book*
Sourdough, French (we liked the SF better)
Sourdough with kalamata olives
Sourdough with pepper jack cheese – a breakthrough!
No-knead French*
No-knead sourdough
No-knead French with rosemary
Whole wheat (Tassajara and Reinhart recipes)
Banana bread (not yeast or sourdough)

*Books include Artisan Baking by Glezer, Artisan Breads Every Day by Reinhart, The Tassajara Bread Book by Brown. Sourdough starter made from recipe in Glezer book. No-knead bread is from NPR recipe here.
Photo: And dreams emerge - a photo of Hong from Alison in Hanoi & Australia

Some of my notes from a church school lesson. Reading the notes again, I’m amazed and uplifted. Things in parentheses are my additions.

People need an upward vision in order to find an earthly place to stand. Purpose in life not solely self. Faith (and experience) gives us a spiritual place to stand.

If you want to save your life you must lose it.

We are called to put on love in all its manifestations. Love is hope-bearing. We’re in the business of bringing hope/vanquishing despair.

A story about a young man, dying from AIDS, asking his father, a Baptist minister (a religion and role associated with a lot of judgment), “Daddy, will you come lie in the bed with me like you used to.” Choosing the heart of his faith over theological judgment, the father lay down with his son and held him as he died.

A metaphor for living a sacred life is building Jerusalem – where we live. William Blake wrote a poem on this and it became the hymn, Jerusalem. We are in the business of bringing hope AND building Jerusalem – in our life/heart, our family, our church, our community, our world.


I don’t know who this is from: Our entire universe is contained in the mind and the spirit

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