Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Magic!

Sometimes I find myself wishing I wasn't working. Mostly it's just laziness, but also the fact that I've lost a step. I'm not as adept at keeping track of the multiple problems of multiple patients and the multiple questions and issues that come my way in a busy clinic day (I can keep only about 6-8 windows open). So I'm slower. But then there are realizations that I'm doing a good job for the patients and that I can have some fairly deep clinical insights; there is the pleasure of working with my colleagues; and there are moments like in this photo. What joy to see three generations together like this! What joy to provide care for people who really have their act together, like la abuela in the photo.


Mandela said...

Hey, thanks for dropping a line at my page! It woke me up and reminded me to keep writing. I too hadn't written in a while. Good deal about the hike and forthcoming SE Asia trip. My housemates want to do Acadia National Park sometime this year - I've never really done anything 'outdoorsy' so it would be a new thing for me! We'll see how that pans out.

Gonna try to write more from now on. Colleen says 'hi' right back! Though actually it turns out she's from Plano, not quite Dallas!

CK said...

Hey Mandela,
Thanks. 6-8 windows open is a gross exageration. It's more like 2-3. Glad you're well.

joyasia said...

The slowing down is covered by experience. It is a fast pace and got to be on the ball job.
I wonder how anyone can keep it up. You are awesome;-)