Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hail storm

It was the worst hail I’ve seen and when it was over, water was coming through the ceilings in five rooms of our house, there was structural damage in the attic, and a couple of windows broken (including a small section of a stained glass window). Both cars were trashed, the garden destroyed (except the roses did okay), trees stripped, bird bath broken, and even the charcoal grill was bent. And I keep finding other things.

Front walk in April
Goodbye old Campry. I think you’re totaled. With the back seat out and my feet in the trunk I’ve slept in that good old car in TX, CO, WY, NM, AZ, KS, and OK. It was always a good feeling to get back to a trailhead after 5 or 10 days on the trail and know the car would start right up, and so it did, every time. I loved the anonymity of it. David used the Camry to go out – it was the car he learned to drive in. Really, that Camry/Campry was the best car I ever had.

Similar view of front walk in June
Leslie and I were supposed to go to Cali tomorrow for David’s Birthday and Father’s Day. She’s going and I’m staying here in case of rain and to interact with contractors face to face. Leslie can do her work with contractors, etc. on the phone (she’s a force to be reckoned with) in Cali as well as Dallas.

I keep thinking about seeing people on the news standing in front of their completely destroyed house saying, "We're alive." It's not like that, but it’s not fun. Friday: just got word that both cars are totaled.


Unknown said...

You hang in there too, my friend.

Logan said...

I'm sure your garden(s) will thrive even better than before and who knows where the next ride will bring you? Way to stay positive friend.

CK said...

Thank you both. People have been really sweet.

Dallas said...

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Lino Kosters said...

It’s a shame about the Camry. I still have my first car, though my son is the one that usually uses it nowadays. And despite needing constant care, I wouldn’t stop using it until it really gives up the ghost. As for the repairs, it was a good idea to stay home and supervise the contractors, so that you can give specific instructions as to how you want a particular part of the house redone or fixed.


Rob Phelan said...

I agree with Lino. You should still supervise the contractors to make sure they're doing it properly and according to your desire. Anyway, it feels bad to see your home wrecked by the hailstorm. But natural calamities like this just something we all should prepare for; they sometimes come without warning. Hope you'll do regular maintenance on your home to prevent severe damage should another hailstorm comes. :)

Rob Phelan @ MACOfVAandMDhea