Friday, October 26, 2012

Subsonic love-making

We were both sick (GI – nevermind the details) and Leslie was much sicker than I. After a few days we were able to get out of bed to somewhere other than the bathroom… after we could move around there were many hours that we still lay in bed together, one or the other dozing, awake, not talking, holding hands, and even though neither of us felt well, it was a sweet time, together.

Last Friday I went to a huge luncheon at the Anatole (long gone the days of big room bad food). The theme of the event was Each Moment Matters and it was all related to Grace Presbyterian Hospice. I was blown totally away, tears in my eyes blown away by the announcement that there is 30 million dollars in the bank toward a goal of 45 million to build (Dallas’ first) inpatient hospice. An inpatient hospice has been a dream since 1978 when we started the first hospice in Texas!
Main stage at Art Outside

From the luncheon I was on the road to near Austin where I went to something called Art Outside. I camped with the Atrium Obscurum crew, hung out at the campsite, spent some brilliant time with Asa of Hyperdimensional Space Exploration Foundation, danced and danced and danced…

And went home to Leslie early Sunday afternoon. The perfect ending to an epic several days.

Sometimes at night, when you’re asleep I whisper things to you, like, “Leslie, I adore you… My beautiful Leslie… Forever and ever... I love you…” Adore - a perfect word for all of this. Subsonic love-making.

These are the days.

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