Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grand Canyon

Just got a Backcountry Permit from Grand Canyon NP. So far it looks like David, Katy, Patrick and I are the group. We got 5 nights and it looks like this:

Day/night 1. South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground.
2. BA to Clear Creek Trail and go for ~9 miles. It’s a “use area,” so we can camp wherever as long as not too close to the trail or water
3. Clear Creek (probably same campsite) to day hike, probably to the river via Clear Creek through Zoroaster Canyon or to Cheyava Falls
4. Clear Creek to Bright Angel Campground
5. BA to Indian Garden or just on out
6. Indian Garden on out

The first time I thought of doing this was talking with Bruce, a man I met on my 1st Sierra Club trip to Big Bend. He was a right guy and he told me Grand Canyon was the best backpacking trip he’d taken. I started reading a little and so yeah, here we go. It’s a strange concept to hike down then up, instead of the usual up the mountains, then down – although I wonder if there is about the same up and down total in the mountains. I’ll have to work hard at getting into better shape – it’s a sustained hike down, then up and down inside the canyon and, of course, back up and out.

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