Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me & Bullet

Down in Carlisle he loved a lady, many years ago
Me and Bullet have been going out back for me to work in the garden and him to doze in the sun on the mulch between the beds. Mostly I'm cleaning beds out for the spring, but I have planted some bulbs - narcissus, two kinds of allium, and some iris.


Harris said...

Hi, Patrick Hughes put me onto your Blog. I worked in Hanoi and Hue in 1991 and you've brought some memories flooding back, thanks. Gue looks busier than my day and definately more vehicles around. But Nem Saigon are probably still as good as every and Pho Bo for breakfast is a staple. Good bread rolls and moon cakes in Hanoi too. Yes, I did more than eat, honest.

CK said...

Hola Harris,
Hope you get this.
You could do worse in VN than just eating. Let me recommend a site called noodlepie (not sure of url) - if you go, look for archives and then VN food. I'm betting you'll be calling for airreservation within the day. Also, for Hanoi, see stickyrice. It's feast time!
Best, Charles