Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hewo Leslie!

The Truth
Remember in November or December 2004 at First Chinese BBQ when you said, "Sure, you and David going to Southeast Asia (for 2 months) sounds great. Why don't you call Jeff and see if he wants to go, too." When you said that it was like all debts past, present and future were cancelled. It wasn't even so much the content as the way you said it - free and easy, no baggage, no qualifiers, just, as I said completely free and easy. And there was that time, I think it was after the insane rush to the bus from Bago to Moulmein when the bus kind of appeared out of nowhere: "Quickly, you must go quickly!" the guesthouse guy was saying and somewhere between Bago and Moulmein you said (putting the mal de ojo right on me), "You owe me for this." And all I or any other sane person could say was, "You're right."

The point of all this is to say, if you start to feel worse or if you don't feel better or if you just take a notion at any point, I'll not dash, leap, race, shoot, zoom, jump, fire, zip, boogie, hotfoot, hurdle, hop, shake it, sprint, rush, fly, whoosh, whiz, rocket, bound OR any other such thing; no, I'll turn around, set the cruise control and head home in a heartbeat - I'll head home with a glad (but worried) heart. There will be NO disappointment.

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