Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leslie’s birthday

In a dream ...
Today (3/14) was quite a day. It started more or less typically – coffee in bed together. I gave Leslie the first rose bouquet of the year. Later I walked up to Whole Foods to try their breakfast – okay, not great. Then we went shopping and we are … Walmart Shoppers … and then to BistroB.

The first thing was that Phuong gave Leslie a CD titled Phuong & Van Happy Wedding. As that was happening I looked over and we were sitting next to Yorn and his wife Ny (from those desperate days on Sycamore) and so were embracing and talking and I looked over and there were some boxes on the table and at some point still talking to Yorn realized what the boxes were. Michael, the man who manages the restaurant had given Leslie a prayer wheel that turns by heat of the candle beneath it. We had looked for one of these in Asia, and though we found one in Hong Kong, it seemed too expensive. They look Tibetan, though they are from the Tzu Chi Movement in Taiwan. And the same for the coil incense burners Michael gave to Leslie. Nobody knew it was her BD. On the way home we finally found a bird bath we like to replace the one shattered when a linb fell on it. Yes, Happy Birthday Leslie!
Here is the plan for the Grand Canyon:
Fri: Drive I-20 past Abilene, Big Sprang, Odessa - probably sleep around Pecos in rest area in my Camry Camper - which even has curtains now.
Sat: Highway 10 toward Tucson. Camp in New Mexico around Gila Natl Forest (cut off on 180 toward Silver City).
Sun: I-10 past Tucson to Phoenix via I-10/I-17. Pick David up 4pm in Phoenix and drive to GC. Camp or hotel. In the morning …
Mon: Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground
Tue: From BA Camp, Clear Creek Trail to Clear Creek area
Wed: Day hike Clear Creek area – probably downstream through a gorge to the Colorado River.
Thu: CC to BA Camp
Fri: From camp out via Bright Angel Trail
Sat: Hotel in Phoenix - shower
Sun: DK depart 0820 to Cali & CK to Big Bend.
Mon: Big Bend - start Boulder Meadows
Door-lying, teetering, friendly, earish, innocent, perfesser, helicoptering, sensitive nose Buddy, awww, just plain sensitive, donutting, truck-stopping, cute, annoying, always violent, sincere, tufted, awkward-lying, hopeful, appealing, publicity pooping, handsome, noble (as in this photo) Buddy!

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