Friday, March 4, 2011

Our House

Our house was built in 1931. We bought it in 1979 and have lived here ever since. We’re talking about moving for several reasons:

  • David will be graduating in a few months and wants to live in a more progressive place than Dallas (and so do we). Our plan all along has been to live close to one another and we intend to be where he is.
  • We’re getting older and less willing to do the upkeep on this house vs. what we think a condo would involve. It would be interesting (though I'm sure, expensive) to live in a house with climate control, with central heat and air for example.
  • We like to travel for months at a time. Living in a place where we can just lock the door and go has enormous attraction to us.

Thinking in real terms about leaving the house, I thought I would put together some of the photos I’ve taken of the house, the garden, and living here. Looking at the photos clarified that it’s not just the house, but our life in this house – what we see when we look out the windows, what we bake, the neighborhood, the birds singing, and so on.

My Mom lived for several years in the little house behind ours. She died there and we took care of her through months of cancer. Our son grew up here. Oh, there are joys and treasures and memories beyond measure in those happy times in our little family ... all the Christmases, the tent in David’s room, cooking, baking, snow days, ball in the hall, Grandparents living with us (3!), Christmas tree forts, playing in the front yard – back yard – field – railroad tracks, the babies, homework, eating at DK’s little table in the kitchen, Goldy, Judo, Chris and David playing in the mud – building fires – playing up and down the street, Katy, Laura, Chuck living out back, making the couch into a boat, the tree fort, the garden, Little Wolf, not to mention Running Bear! It just goes on and on through countless happy days in this house. Leslie and I being in love, making love, being parents, sharing life, working together, lying in bed and having coffee and a back rub almost every morning, now growing old … and so

Here are some photos of our house and life

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