Thursday, March 17, 2011

More dreams and sparkling realities

Voting: Below is a link to voting for Gardeners in Community Development, AKA, "The Garden" - the people and effort that have meant so much to our East Dallas community and the refugees who found refuge with us. Each vote takes GICD a step closer to $5000 for walk-ways and other improvements for elderly (that's me) and handicapped (not just yet) gardeners.

Visit to view videos from nominated gardens. GICD's entry is next to the last, Center for Growing People. Thanks!

To Phyllis: I taught and practiced that what we do should make a difference. If we weren't there, would it have happened? If the answer is no, without us it wouldn't have happened and if what happened helped or lifted people up, then we’ve done well. I saw Phyllis, my former Dean today and it was a lovely reunion. She said (or I think she said) something about challenges in working with me and later I’m thinking, thanks to her being able to let me do the work, which wasn't always easy for her to do, and me doing the work, many students had life-altering learning experiences and many people were healed, helped, informed, lifted up – mercy was given and received. If you think about it, it was an amazing thing we did.

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